Roadmap for 2017

2016 is in the books and I am looking forward to 2017. There were a lot of great things that happened (big and small) in 2016 but also life threw some surprises and the passing of people close to me and my family.

2016 closed with the passing of my Grandmother, Marion Gunn, at the age of 92. I was lucky enough to bring my girls to her bedside hours before she passed away on December 23rd. The morning of her passing, I went for a long, unplanned walk in the woods. I thought about how she impacted our lives either directly or indirectly through raising my father (her son). I thought of the values she demonstrated and how true we are to those values as individuals and as a family. It was a powerful walk and maybe appropriate way for winding down another year

2016 also brought some fun trips with great friends and family. I competed in a Crossfit event, continued my MBA, enjoyed watching my kids in their sports and music, and experienced some good wins at work. My wife and kids are healthy, happy and active with pursuits they enjoy. In March, I turn 40 so I believe it is appropriate to have a plan or direction for 2017. Here are my observations and directions for 2017 (in no particular order):

  1. Recognize that life can change overnight– we had loss this year that came quickly and unexpectedly. I need to be appreciative of every moment. Everyday I have with my wife and my children is a gift and I need to keep this at the front of my mind.
  2. Little matters without health– I am attentive to health but I would like to explore new approaches this year. I have been researching ketosis and intermitted fasting and will experiment with this. Google this or listen to Tim Ferris podcasts.
  3. Focus on mobility– attention new Crossfitters, if you don’t incorporate regular mobility practice into your routine, it will catch up to you. Tons of videos on youtube to help with this and only takes minutes a day to make big improvements. I am aware that most of my aches and pains are the result of ignoring my mobility over the past 4 or 5 years.
  4. Meditation– one of the most powerful additions to my routine this year. I am going to continue to practice this and explore different approaches. Dealing with life’s curveballs just seems easier when meditation is a daily practice.
  5. Reading fiction– I have always been a reader of non-fiction books and only recently have I started reading fiction. I devoted a lot of time over the holidays to reading fiction and I have a new appetite.
  6. Painting– I have an interest this year in starting this as a meditative, creative hobby to balance out my lifestyle. I would need to take a class given I know zero about it.
  7. Focus on family– we were surrounded by family at the wake and funeral for my Grandmother. Spending time with family can become something you do when you have finished everything else. I don’t think that is the best approach. I am going to make time with family a priority rather than an after-thought.
  8. Journaling/blogging–  great way to reflect and interpret life events. I have always kept a journal but sometimes the frequency drops when I am not diligent with it.
  9. Walking– I sit for most of the day and then 60 minutes are dedicated to rigorous, high-intensity Crossfit or related strength training. I have recently found brisk walks are a good means of balancing out the mind and body.
  10. Travel with my wife– Rae and I are raising 4 kids. It is easy to make excuses about why you shouldn’t travel (time, money, etc.) but time together without the kids is critical to the success of a relationship. We love our trips together and they act as something to look forward to and then reflect upon afterwards.

Wishing you health and happiness in your journey in 2017. If there are any items in my list you are especially interested or skilled in, please don’t hesitate to offer your ideas and suggestions!


One thought on “Roadmap for 2017”

  1. Cool pic Travis. I’ve thought about mediation as well, and maybe yoga as a way to get into it.
    My comittments:
    – more time outside
    – more consistent sleep
    – more balance, less bingeing.


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