One week into The Gunn Show- My Observations

It has been one week since I started my blog and it has been an interesting experience which I am really enjoying. Here are my observations:

Connecting with new people– I have received lots of feedback and encouragement from a variety of people who have read the blogs. I appreciate anyone who thought to reach out to me to share a thought or a story. I think the posts came as a surprise as people seem to identify with others based on the connection they may share or only associate with one dimension of someone. I have various circles of friends in different groups (Crossfit community, MBA fellow students, work colleagues, family and social friends, and volunteer groups I am connected to) and I believe people usually see you through the lens associated with the connection (Travis the Crossfitter, Travis the student, Travis the father, etc).

Time to digest life and reflect- like most others the speed of life is overwhelming. This past week since I committed to trying this I have felt I am looking at things differently. I am actively seeking ideas that people would want to think or read about other than Donald Trump. I am not an avid consumer of news stories in any format. I don’t feel great about where things are in the world by reading popular press. If you sit with me and ask if I have heard the latest on the election, trouble in war-torn countries or other things I have limited control over, I am probably not going to seem very well-read or engaging on those issues. I want to spend more time reading or consuming content that adds value to my life and causes me to review how I am living my life and my priorities.

Writing is hard– there is so much on the internet competing for people’s attention. How do people write content that makes it through the noise and onto reader’s screens? The positive feedback I have received seems focused around being truthful and open. I do know that I want my posts to be positive and encouraging at a time when there is so much negativity in the world. I understand that my structure, formatting and probably grammar needs a lot of work. I see this as a chance to improve the technical side of my writing which could have many positive performance implications in several areas of my life.

Frequency–  as of now, I would say that a couple per week is appropriate. I don’t want to put fluff out there and I have been drafting and re-drafting several times the posts I have published.

So week one is in the bag. If I had any advice for people, I would say try it. It feels good to get some thoughts on ‘paper’ and to spend time considering the more important things in life other than our daily grind. I am not committing to how long I will blog, if it feels right I will keep doing it. If it is clear that nobody is benefiting from the writings or enjoying it, I will reserve my thoughts for a hard copy journal that sits on my shelf collecting dust.

Have a fantastic week, do something outside of your comfort zone and bring some positive energy to the world.




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