My Very First Blog

So, I am starting a blog. Ok, so many questions as to why I would do this. Let me explain.

Very recently, I have noticed some changes or some things becoming more apparent in my thoughts and other people’s behavior towards me. I am a father of 4 beautiful girls, not a typo I wrote 4 (and no, this isn’t from 1885). Lately, a lot of people will tell others in front of me “he has 4 kids!! He’s crazy!!” For the first few years I shrugged it off as some people being dramatic. Then it became more frequent and more dramatic. Then I realized the average household at the census 2011 count was 2.3 members and realized, statistically I am out outlier and therefor…crazy.

At the same time this was happening with people pointing out my ‘crazy’, I really started thinking more deeply about what I am feeling months before my 40th with 4 kids. I work a very busy job as Director with a pharmacy retailer and my wife has a budding career with the government. At the same time we are working on our careers, my kids are developing and finding themselves and have many interests. Lately the time I reflect the most about what is happening when I get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water or to pee. I then realized, this is really the only time I have to think about these things.

So my blog has a few different purposes:

  1. To take some time to put down my thoughts and reflections about being a proud father and husband, all the while trying to balance a full life and pay my bills. I hope to share my experiences and learn from myself, learn from readers giving me advice and maybe even teaching some new Dads that they aren’t alone and it feels really weird a lot of the time.
  2. Being a father of 4, commuting 3 hours most days, coaching Crossfit and soccer being a husband, being a productive employee, etc., etc., requires extreme discipline and structure. Everything in my life is highly structured. Therefore, I am not a very creative person. I am doing this as my channel for expressing myself artistically. I can’t paint, I can’t play music that anyone would want to listen to, but I do think I can tell a story. So maybe this will work….remains to be seen.
  3. I want to connect with people in means other than Linkedin (not saying you can’t connect with me) or other structured networking means. I want to connect with people in a way that there is no expectation or self-interest other than sharing an attitude or an experience on how life unfolds as a mother or father in the 21st century.

So, what am I going to write about? Well, I do need to talk about myself for a minute. I love my wife (Rae), my kids, my work, my education (finishing off my MBA), Crossfit coaching and training, skiing, coaching youth soccer, eating, drinking great beer and wine, comedy and lots of other things in life. I also enjoy non-fiction books, and recently started meditating. I am an expert in zero of the above but I try lots of things. I am going to provide my insight as a father of 4 girls living a full life and trying to soak in every ounce of life I can. Some posts will be funny, some will be sad, some will hopefully trigger a thought from readers and some unfortunately will be largely unreadable (sorry). My goal is to capture what is happening in life and gain some skills in writing, all the while connecting with like-minded people who can help me and learn from me on this journey.


Travis Gunn

Father of 4 girls


6 thoughts on “My Very First Blog”

  1. Travis, you have a way of telling your family stories that is genuine, insightful, sometimes jaw droppingly raw, and often laugh out loud funny. The way that you and your beautiful family truly embrace the opportunities life has to offer means there is always something interesting happening. Look forward to reading more tales from Gunnshow6!!


  2. Well I just finished reading the first of your creative blog and I was crying like a baby! It just seems when someone actually writes down their most inner most thoughts that it really has a more significant meaning. I knew all those things you shared but reading it makes it even more real. Keep it up. Maybe you will be a writer someday.


  3. Excellent!! I’m excited to read about your lives from your point of view!! Your family is such a huge part of our community!! And, your wife is awesome, totally agree in that!


  4. This is fantastic Travis! I was just listening to CBC radio on the way home from work and the broadcaster was talking about Leonard Cohen. One of his wishes for other people was to share the cathartic experience of sharing your words with other people and making connections. You are doing just that….very awesome!


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